Final Exam Essay

Final Exam Essay

Troy Gondola

Michael Cripps

English 123

2 May 2017

Final Exam Day Writing Assignment

    “Students understand the revision process as a rewording activity,” (Sommers 1). As an education major and a college student I am witnessing this in the classroom ranging from the ages of 6 to 9 in first and third grade classrooms. I also am revising my essays for English class, my bio papers, and lastly my lesson plans for my curriculum and methods courses. Young students believe that revising is all about just rewording your original sentence to make it seem “new”, “edited”, and most importantly “revised”. This does answer our problem at first but this will not last for the final draft. Revision is a personal theory for each writer and it affects us all in different ways which means we all revise in different ways. As teachers we need to open our students eyes about revision and not just teach it as this one time thing you do. Or revision is just changing around a few sentences and you have a brand new idea or paragraph. The opposite is done with experienced writers. Within their revisions they try to and attempt to create meaning through their edits. As writers are changing their ideas they are having the constant struggle to make their essay a cohesive and consistent piece. I can agree with Sommer’s views because of my experience within the primary school I substitute at and give literacy lessons and reading lessons. This is also done when I am writing my lesson plans for my subbing days. Any education major and teacher knows that lesson plans are constantly being revised and changed based on the needs of the students. This is known as differentiation. Differentiation is the process of expanding our lesson plans for beyond general education. We need to make sure that every student has the resources to meet standards and succeed. We need to make sure that our Special Education, English Language Learners, and even our gifted students instead of just giving them busy work.  We need to pre-assess our students and we may have to add or take things out based on what students we have whether they are special ed, English Language Learners or if they need intervention through Title One support. All of these point of views from Sommers and my experiences within the classroom are going to help within my college English courses and along with the help of my professor Cripps I will be able to bring these new skills and knowledge into my course and more specifically all the papers I have written in English 122 and 123. After looking back at my papers throughout the course I have focused on comparing my first and final drafts between each of the papers and what was the process that I took to get me there. I realize now more than ever that if you want a solid revision on your essays these can not be done effectively done within one night or last minute. This a process that we must all undergo and we need peer revising, teacher revisions, and also self-revisions as well. We all need to undergo these processes because no one is capable of writing an essay for the first time and everything is perfect on it. There is always another side of the story to tell which can make your essays more complex and even stronger than before when just telling a one sided story. How is our audience suppose to engage in our stories if we are always presenting just one side to it always. As one can see there are many ways that a revision can be done and we need to be opening the eyes of our students for them to understand that this is not a one time task and to achieve the best possible results we need to repeat this process or steps over and over to maximize our writing abilities.

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