Chosen Discourse Final Draft

Chosen Discourse Final Draft

Troy Gondola

Professor Cripps

ENG 123 A

7 April 2017

Chosen Discourse Paper

Gee has introduced us to the world of  discourse and Discourses with a capital D. These Discourse can be categorized into many different subsections such as primary and secondary along with dominant and nondominant discourse. Gee states that the Primary Discourse is “attained through being a part of something.” (Traverse). In other words a primary discourse is something you are born with within your family or home life. A Secondary discourse is something you can obtain something later in life. Another way of relaying this is that we see secondary discourses as the discourse that we are are able to control. Whether that be our occupation or if we decide to continue our education and choose to be in the secondary discourse of college students. There are also dominant and nondominant. The difference between nondominant and dominant is that dominant discourses lead to a higher social status, money, or prestige. Non Dominant discourse do not lead to money or wealth. They allow the person to make relationships and connections. Gee has a simplified seven section model in which we can connect our discourse in which we are a part of “saying (writing)-doing-being-valuing-believing” combination (Gee 6). If one wanted to enter the Discourse of ShopRite, they would need to connect ShopRite to writing, doing, being, valuing, believing, and combination. The seven processes can be explained below. A person within the ShopRite Discourse will not master all seven processes because some are more prevalent than others.

When looking at the artifacts such as the cashiers test, managers and customer  interview for entering the ShopRite Discourse, what’s most meaningful and relevant is the way we treat each other and our customers when working at ShopRite. Also with the core values we need to be displaying every day is also very important on and off the job. These core values include friendliness, appearance, efficiency, and safety. Safety should never be compromised for the other core values but we should equally try to balance these when we are in our specific departments when working with our coworkers and customers.The roles that we can see are providing for your family or whether you are just sixteen year old just looking for some extra money on the side. There are  many departments that can be found within the store and the employee handbook outlines the specific departments and what those employees are responsible doing while maintaining the core values. The departments within ShopRite of Little Falls include Bakery, Grocery, Seafood,Meat,Hot Foods,Pharmacy,Customer Service,Floral,Produce,Dairy, Deli, Front End, Nutrition, and Shop From home which is also called Internet. Each department is responsible for carrying out the best possible products to our customers, at the best possible prices, all while maintaining the core standards. I work in the front End department which is has two distinct roles. The bagger and the cashier. I have worked both positions and I still hold my position as a cashier. Baggers are responsible for bagging the groceries as efficient as possible without making them heavy and keeping the bags in order by having nonfood items together, produce with produce and meat and fish always in plastic bags. The cashier is responsible for ringing up the customer as fast as they can and putting in the shoprite rewards member card in every purchase so the sales go through.

The role of employee, manager and customer are what one can see within the ShopRite discourse and it takes all of us to make this work together. Without one of us there would be no ShopRite of Little Falls. The artifacts are joined together when the Front End manager talks about the Core values of, Friendliness, Safety, Efficiency, and Presentation. The other time the artifacts match up is when the Front End manager discusses the cashier concept of “Cash Control” All employees need to be exhibiting these four standards at all times while working under ShopRite. Also Cash Control only applies to cashiers. Cash Control is when a bagger or other employee passes the cashier test and then they have to be missing less than 5 dollars than there till or have not have any extra money that totals more than 5 dollars in their till. If a cashier can do this for 10 shifts in a row then there cashier bonus goes into payroll and they are officially a shoprite cashier.

The relationships that you make with your customers and co workers is something of ever lasting value. We are all in this together and there’s something about your local supermarket that just brings people together. Walking through the aisles you see your friends, family, and your neighborhood all in one store. There is something special that brings people together at ShopRite. They have the saying, “This is your neighborhood, This is your ShopRite”. You feel part of a community and your coworkers become your family especially when you have the night shift like me and you close with the same people every night. Some things that are accepted as truth or knowledge are the PLU system in which every item in the store that is under produce, bakery, or grocery, has its own specific 4 or 5 digit code depending on if it’s traditionally grown or if it’s organic. Organic numbers always start with the number “9”.

After analyzing the ShopRite Discourse, there are many challenges between what Gee says you can do about entering a Discourse and if you missed the apprenticeship you will never be able to enter that specific discourse. But the unique thing about shoprite is that when you apply for the job they will train you for that specific role within that department and that will act as your apprenticeship. You will not have to worry about not being able to enter the ShopRite Discourse because it the Discourse is very flexible for anybody looking for an entry level position within the store. You will be eventually trained for hired positions the longer you stay there.

As one can see there is so much growth and complexity to entering the Discourse of ShopRite. When using the artifacts of the interview with the Front End Manager and the employee handbook that every new employee gets, you will be able to enter the discourse more easily than someone without these tools of knowledge. Besides the interview and the employee handbook that has every rule, the best way to enter the discourse of ShopRite is to just jump in as a bagger and move your way up in the store ranks until you are enjoying your job. After a few days of each new department you are able to do any task they throw at you and deal with any customer no matter what.

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