Some Elements of an Introduction/Drawing Your Conclusions Assignment

Some Elements of an Introduction/Drawing Your Conclusions Assignment

Your Introduction Task

Write 1-3 sentences that frame the larger context or issue to which your paper speaks.

The basis of my chosen Discourse paper is showing the connections of ShopRite of Little Falls to the real world by supporting my agenda through Gee and other artifacts.

Write 2-4 sentences that help establish your credibility by signaling whose texts you’ll engage and how you’ll engage those texts. If done effectively, it is quite possible to also weave in brief mention of the ideas you’ll engage to signal “what you’ll show” in the paper.

What ill be signaling and showing within my paper first is the scholarly article written by Gee. I will also be showcasing artifacts within the ShopRite Discourse

1-3 sentences that move from the “what you’ll show” as you engage specific texts to your view on the issue.

What ill be show is how one can enter the discourse of ShopRite by first explaining first what it is. The artifacts allows us to see the discourse in a different light.

Does my analysis of this particular Discourse have components that do not quite fit into a straightforward application of Gee’s ideas? What are they? (If so, perhaps you have something important to ADD to – or even CHALLENGE Gee’s sense of – the ways that Discourses work.)

I don’t have an analysis section of my paper yet. What I am doing instead of an analysis section or an analysis paragraph is that I am taking Gee’s seven sub sections on saying doing, believing… etc. and I will be trying to intertwine all the knowledge of what the ShopRite Discourse is all about.

Are there reasons to consider the ways your Discourse works very similarly to other, perhaps related Discourses? Maybe your Discourse is a subset of a broader set of Discourses. (If so, perhaps your analysis may be able to tell us about this broader set of Discourses.)

Personally I do not believe the ShopRite, or the Grocery store discourse is related to other discourses because their is no other experience besides actually going into your local supermarket, putting on the uniform and actually being or possibly depending on the discourse. For some the discourse of ShopRite may be their entire life because they depend on that paycheck while others just do it because they are retired or need a little extra cash.

Our Discourse analyses are all limited by the source material from which we’ve drawn. Hopefully, you’ve chosen really good artifacts that help you reveal some key features of the Discourse. But there are probably some important LIMITATIONS that you can see. What are they? These are possibly areas for further inquiry should one pursue the project further.

I feel that their are limitations to anything. nothing can be infinite in sense because all things must come to an end one day or another. Along with my artifacts, some may say the cashier test  or cash control is useless because they will never become a cashier. Others may also want to know more about the other departments but that may be difficult when I have only worked three out of all the departments are offered at Little Falls ShopRite. One way this could be settled would to have an employee from each department and have them say a few things that a customer or future worker may want to know if they wanted to work in that department. That would give us some in sight for future workers.


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