Revise Two Paragraphs Assignment

Revise Two Paragraphs Assignment

  • Believing-What is accepted as truth or knowledge

Some things that are accepted as truth or knowledge are the PLU system in which every item in the store that is under produce, bakery, or grocery, has its own specific 4 or 5 digit code depending on if it’s traditionally grown or if it’s organic. Organic numbers always start with the number “9”. Traditionally grown fruits and vegetables are always going to have a four digit number. Veteran cashiers know the majority of the codes while new cashiers have to go into the system and either look up the fruit or vegetable or read the numbers off the item.

  • Combinations-Where are pieces of the combination joined together?

The artifacts are joined together when the Front End manager talks about the Core values of, Friendliness, Safety, Efficiency, and Presentation. The other time the artifacts match up is when the Front End manager discusses the cashier concept of “Cash Control” All employees need to be exhibiting these four standards at all times while working under ShopRite. Also Cash Control only applies to cashiers. Cash Control is when a bagger or other employee passes the cashier test and then they have to be missing less than 5 dollars than there till or have not have any extra money that totals more than 5 dollars in their till. If a cashier can do this for 10 shifts in a row then there cashier bonus goes into payroll and they are officially a Shoprite cashier. After the ten shifts are completed and the cashier stays within the missing 5 dollar limit, then they will receive their raise of fifty cents. A cashier can then be put on Cash control at any time if they go over or under the limit of 5 dollars and they will be on probation and may be demoted to bagger

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