4/13 part 2 blog post

4/13 part 2 blog post

  1. Follow the process for making a post-draft outline found in the second paragraph of the “Post-Draft Outline” chapter. Since we’re working with electronic documents, let’s make that outline with one-sentence statements at the BOTTOM of the COPY of our first draft. This is our working revision document, after all.
  2. Consider the questions in step 1 of the “Post-Draft Outline” chapter. Take whatever notes you find relevant as you think about your project from this vantage point. Most likely, only a couple of the questions will be particularly important for you. That’s ok because this work is for you.
  3. Now take up the Restructuring section of “On Revision” and the three sets of questions in Miller and Jurecic’s step 2 of the “Post-Draft Outline.” Pay particular attention the last question in each bullet because they challenge you to consider revisions.
  4. Write a 200-300 word blog post that describes what you discovered about your draft through this process.
  5. Add “collreadwrit2a” and your time on task to the end of your post


30 minutes

After reading the Habits of the Creative mind, rereading the comments, and rereading my essay. I know there is so much room for change and improvement. My goal is to blend and recreate an essay that is similar to my essays of my peers in my group. The way with how Noah created such an essay flowing essay that also makes it so relatable as if he was talking right in front of you. what I loved about Hien’s essay is that she knew what she was talking about and she had so much potential that she needs to expand on and that is reminding me to expand on my thoughts and not just state the facts. Also Katherine has such an intellectual essay and she is using so many skills of signaling and using block quotes. I am not saying I need to incorporate all of these of things but trying out these new strategies to make my essay better.

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