4/13/ blog post

4/13/ blog post

  1. Artifacts. Do your peers find that you have good, meaty, juicy artifacts from your Discourse? Rich artifacts offer good pieces of language for analysis. If peers raised some questions about details on your Discourse, or about evidence, perhaps you need to locate a better artifact (or two). Describe your plan of action.

My group members love my artifacts. For the Discourse of ShopRite, there is only so much one can do for a small job at a local supermarket. For my artifacts, I have the employee handbook and an interview with my current Front End manager Veena. Veena has currently been promoted to Shop From Home but she was my manager for about two years until Roberta was promoted from Runner to Night Manager. My group members mentioned I should include an artifact such as in interview from some of my regular customers who always come on my register 17. I plan on implementing what they said.

  1. If you have the right kinds of artifacts, are you getting good “pieces of language” from them into your project? Peers should be helping you out by noting that the evidence to support your points about how your Discourse works is or isn’t quite there. Try to describe the kinds of language you need to work to add. This can help you as you revisit your sources to locate language to analyze.

I need to use more common language and make the essay more relatable instead of making it sound intellectual. the essay would flow better and it would make the discourse seem more relatable to the reader and make them believe they are able to enter the discourse as well.

  1. Remember: Even though you’ve now been writing about Discourse for awhile, your reader is not necessarily aware of the theories/concepts. Look at the ways you set up and introduce the project. What might you want/need to do to help a reader get on board with your project? This may mean that you want a paragraph to develop the idea of Discourse and of Discourse analysis. Such a paragraph might become the first body paragraph.

I need to include multiple paragraphs on discourse analysis because currently I do not have any.

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