Note to Peers – Chosen Discourse Project

Note to Peers – Chosen Discourse Project

The main question or problem your writing seeks to address;

  • The idea or point you feel you’ve made successfully- The point that I feel I have made successfully is that by making the connections between Gee and the artifacts one will understand the Discourse of ShopRite much more and will be able to enter the discourse easier.
  • The idea or point you feel you need help with- The idea or point I need help with is using more quotes from gee and relating that to artifacts about ShopRite. Also is it necessary to explain something or even everything from the artifacts. Should I introduce them or explain at all or just integrate them as if someone knew already.
  • Your number one concern about your paper that you’d like your reader to answer for you-  What part of my essay is hitting the marks on the task and what should  be crossed out.
  • Any questions you have about how or where to start your revision.- I know this entire essay needs a revision, the assignment was very vague and confusing and need much more clarity



20 Minutes


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