Building task 3 + Draft

Building task 3 + Draft

Gee’s Building Tasks of Discourse Analysis – A Simplified Worksheet (College Reading and Writing II – Cripps)

Use this version of the building tasks worksheet if you find the worksheet with seven building tasks to be too confusing or complicated. The purpose of the building tasks worksheet is to help you organize evidence into categories relevant for a Discourse analysis. It’s less important which worksheet version you use.


  • Use at least one worksheet for each chosen Discourse artifact.
  • Under each Discourse component, add relevant evidence/data (pieces of language) from the artifact. (ID pieces of language, page #s, or the like)
  • There is no expectation that each artifact will contain evidence for all the Components, so you’ll have blank sections.
  • Ideally, your set of artifacts helps you see a whole (or nearly whole) picture of the Discourse.
  • Also, you will hopefully see overlap in your artifacts, with perhaps two sources offering a window into Doing and Valuing.

Discourse Artifact (author/title/source):Troy Gondola/ ShopRite/ ShopRite of Little Falls


Saying/Writing. What are the meanings of words and phrases that seem important in the artifact sample? (What’s meaningful/relevant?)
The relevance of this artifact is that it shows another side of the ShopRite Discourse. It shows a side of higher management instead of an entry level position.
Doing. What Discourse practices or activities are revealed or enacted in the artifact? (What’s being done?)
Answering the questions of what it means to be part of Retail and the Grocery world
Being: What identities are relevant to, taken for granted in, or under construction in the artifact? (What roles can you see?)
Management, Human Resources, Front End, and other department managers within ShopRite of Little Falls. Different part of the stores operate in different ways, and each other store operates in their own unique way because they are franchises.
Valuing: What social goods are relevant (and irrelevant), as seen in the artifact sample? How are they made relevant or irrelevant? (What is good or valuable?)
Money counting skills, Social skills, people skills, friendships
Believing: What is known/believed, as shown in the artifact sample? What counts for knowledge? (What is accepted as truth or knowledge?)
Cashier Test

Cash Control

PLU System and Codes

Combinations: How are two or more of the components of the Discourse being combined? (Where are pieces of the combination joined together?)
The interview is repeating and re saying everything and confirming what the handbook says about ShopRite



2.5 Hours

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