Discourse Analysis Worksheet Assignment

Discourse Analysis Worksheet Assignment

Prepare a blog post on your ePortfolio that includes the following: (15-30 minutes)

  • Your chosen Discourse.
  • Titles of your artifacts, and links if they’re online.
  • Photos of your annotations on your artifacts, or specific notes and embeds for images or video artifacts.
  • Photos, scans, or links to Google Doc versions of your completed Discourse Analysis Worksheets.
  • A 200-300 word statement that draws from your worksheets to present your initial thoughts about how your Discourse works.
  • Your “time on task” for this project
  • collreadwrit2a

2.5  hours

The titles of my artifacts are “The Help That Led to my Success” written Chris Pierson and the second artifact is “The  Best Teacher I ever did have” written by Jess Larsen. The Discourse that I am going to dive deeper into research is Teaching. As an Elementary education major I want to become a teacher the day right after I graduate. I want to be there for kids when no one else is. I want to educate and see the progress of these kids whether that’s helping them learn to read or have them learn the formula of slope of a line in math class. And at the end of the day I want to make that connection and I can help just one kid enjoy themselves and not have to worry about what’s going on at home and be a kid.


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