What’s Your But? What’s Your Or? Assignment

What’s Your But? What’s Your Or? Assignment

  1. Read “The Three Most Important Words in the English Language” in Habits – Bring Habits to class on 2/23.
  2. Find two paragraphs in that you think have the potential for a “but” or an “or” move. (These are probably paragraphs that are starting to use your literacy narrative data to add or challenge an idea in G/B/A.
  3. Revise those two paragraphs to more clearly state your claim and the way it speaks to the G/B/A ideas. You may need to bring in new evidence (quotes) from either G/B/A or the narratives you’ve selected. You might even bring in a new literacy narrative, if that makes sense.
  4. Make a blog post that contains those two paragraphs. Above each paragraph, write at least 3 sentences that help the reader understand why you see the paragraph as an OR or BUT paragraph, and how you see the data supporting that move.

The first literacy narrative is about a student’s experience in high school English and she calls her teacher the best teacher she has ever had. After reading hers, it reminded me so much of my experience in high school english as well. Jessica was cruising by through high school with excellent grades and then she was recommended by her teacher that she should be taking an honors level english. She felt praised and it raised her confidence level. It made her feel accomplished and made her feel something she possibly might have been searching for a while. As an education major i feel that all students need to be recognized and praised constantly for their work. Or,  if we don’t praise them its as if they never did the assignment. You never truly know your students, or what they are going through. School needs to be a safe place for everyone. For those short six hours you have the kids, you need to make it safe, respectful, and fun for everyone because you don’t know what they are going home too. The teacher in this story is named Mrs. Chenelle and I can hope I can be that sponsor to one of my students one of these days. I don’t care if i’m the favorite teacher or the meanest and nicest teacher based on what my students say about me. I would want to be the Mrs. Chenelle to my kids. I want to be their sponsor who they seek a friendship, an advice seeker, or someone just to listen to them because no one else will. I want to be their for them when no one else is. We need to be reaffirming our students that they are all capable of succeeding if they focus and try. We need a growth mindset and not a fixed one to be capable of accomplishing new things.

The reason I chose the above paragraph is because it can go both ways and this would be such a  great “or” paragraph. Instead of the teacher just being the sponsor for her students the students can be the sponsor for the teacher. They rely on each other and they both need each other.


The second article is about a student by the name of chris. Chris reminds me so much of my first grader Kaiden. Kaiden is Chris and I would be his teacher helper Mrs. Fragier. Chris describes how he fell behind in class when it came to reading and pronouncing words. He had a difficult time reading and he said he fell behind even more because his teacher who was a nun at a catholic school, discouraged questions and he felt he was very nervous to ask them so he decided to struggle instead of trying to help himself. I can’t imagine how bad this child must have flt at such a young age. He felt like a victim. Imagine how this must have made him feel for the rest of his educational career. Since this happened at such a young age it must have changed his view on school, teachers, and even just asking a simple question when unsure about something. Teachers and sponsors of any type should be promoting the young minds of tomorrow and making them question everything. Our sponsors and teachers should be enhancing the lives of these young kids instead of hindering their learning capability by making them feel vulnerable and like a victim. But not everything can be put on to the sponsors because without the kids we have no sponsors. they need each other. Imagine if Mrs. Fragier would have never helped out that child and their whole entire educational experience could have been altered and ruined.

This would be such a great opportunity for a “but” paragraph because we can go in the opposite direction and say but and imagine what could have had happen if she did not step in to help. His whole educational experience  could have been altered and he would have a different outlook on life. Things happen for a reason and sponsors come into our lives for a reason.

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