Coordination and Subordination Assignment

Coordination and Subordination Assignment


She felt praised and it raised her confidence level.

The part that I want to emphasize in this sentence is the part in which the student felt praised. By emphasizing the part in which she got praised, we can then explain the other positive benefits of simply being praised.

It made her feel accomplished and made her feel something she possibly might have been searching for a while.

Since before I talked about her being praised, that is all ready a sense of accomplishment and the part that I would like to explain more is the searching part. Each student or individual is searching something whether that is something to feel happiness or to fill a void.

They got to observe the culture and lifestyle of the Africans in their native ways and compare to the ways of themselves back at home.

This student got an experience of a lifetime by being able to go to Africa and help out those who need and I feel this sentence puts everything into perspective of how lucky we are and we need to reevaluate everything.


Our sponsors and teachers should be enhancing the lives of these young kids instead of hindering their learning capability by making them feel vulnerable and like a victim.

I would like to eventually focus on both of these topics equally but at first I want to focus on the positives of the teachers enhancing the students life and educational experience.

She got to personally be a sponsor to these children and they got a real shot now in learning and advancing themselves to something better.

I would like to emphasize the sponsorship with his sentence even possibly tying in quote to back it up and make the overall essay stronger.

We believe we are victims but at the same time we don’t realize how lucky we are to be where we are.

We believe we are victims is such a strong and inquiring statement. What makes ourselves become a victim or how do we make others feel like a victim. Why do we let this happen to us and how can we make it not happen again.



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