Brief Letter to Peers Assignment

Brief Letter to Peers Assignment

  1. Complete this assignment as a blog post on your ePortfolio in the form of a letter (as in “Dear Peer Reviewer…”).
  2. Your letter should have four sections, and you should use bold, H2 or H3 style, bullets/numbers, or some other visual marker to break the sections up. (Use the blog post editing toolbar for this)
  3. My Question or Issue – in this section, explain the question or issue you are examining. Be sure to note the specific place(s) in your draft where the reader can see you name the issue. Additionally, attempt to name the kind of help you might want from your readers: “This is my question, but I’m not sure…”
  4. My Data Shows – in this section, try to state what you think the literacy narratives show us about literacy acquisition. What are you finding? If you’re not sure you’re finding anything yet, try to explain your difficulties. Peers can then try to help you out.
  5. I’m Adding to the Scholarly Conversation – in this section of your letter, try to specify what you think you’re adding to what your selected scholarly sources say about literacy acquisition. It’s possible that you don’t feel like you’re adding anything. You can write that, but you should also take time to write a bit more about what you find in the data (your literacy narratives). This will help peers think about what you might be adding.
  6. I’m affirming or challenging a Concept in X – in this section, try to specify how your contribution affirms or challenges (or both!) some specific ideas/concepts/points in your chosen scholarly sources. Where in the paper draft can the reader find that work? If you don’t think you’re doing either of these things yet, write that. Signal that you’d like some help from peers on this piece.
  7. Remember to end your post with “collreadwrit2a

Dear Peer Reviewer, the question or issue that I am trying and attempting to portray through my assignment is how important are sponsors in literacy acquisition and support and throughout our education system not only through personal stories but on a global level as well. This is my question, do you feel that this point is getting across from the three literacy narratives from the archives of rising Cairn.

Deer Peer Reviewer, I am very knowledgeable about the topic of literacy and literacy acquisition in the context of school and the education system. I am confused here because I am not entirely sure if this is the same idea or whether we are talking about it in the sense of a college English class. If you could possibly verify the meaning of that, that would be of great help.

Deer Peer Reviewer, I used the scholarly article Brandt in very articulated way. I emphasized her when she talks about the concept of sponsorships. As an elementary education major I think about the growth of these students and I want them to succeed in every way possible and have every opportunity open for them.  I want to be that sponsor/teacher for them. As an elementary education teacher their aren’t many men in the field, and I want to be a positive role model for these kids every day.

Deer Peer Reviewer, I have no idea what affirming or challenging a concept so I would definitely like some help in this area.


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