Raising Cairn Assignment

Raising Cairn Assignment

How Do You Become A Victim-https://medium.com/@karensd/the-bravery-to-be-vulnerable-a89cb115f540#.ef3jbv4dy

How Important Is Literacy In The Digital Age-https://medium.com/@teachertrain/literacy-and-tech-b81cae4c8517#.fs2g8urxc

Literacy and tech-intro

“How much literacy and digital skills do we need in the digital world we live in now? I work with students who have variations of literacy skills. We live in a world that takes enormous literacy and digital skills. Which app, tech tool or solution is best for who and what? As students have different literacy and tech skills, it takes a lot of tests and training to discover. Each person understands each differently. It takes a lot of testing and failures for both educator and student.” (Hedlund)


“Being open, honest, flawed, prone to judgment; an uncomfortable place for many of us. What I’ve experienced in my own life though, is that when I’m at my most vulnerable, I’ve felt the most loved, the most alive, and closer to who I am, right from my soul. Since that realization, Brené Brown’s work and writings have received massive exposure since her brilliant TEDx talk and subsequent appearances with Oprah, and I was so grateful to find someone who was able to articulate so well the experiences that I had had by embracing that modus operandi.” (Dupuis).

After discussing our homework and what we are going to be learning in class, I had to think of my t wo questions that came to me when thinking about this topic. The two questions that I thought of when correlating them to Gee, Brandt, and Alexander, the two most powerful ideas were literacy in the digital world and the second topic was the notion of victims. My two questions are how important is Literacy in the Digital age in age and How does one become a victim or enter the victim discourse. Above I put the links and the first opening paragraphs to two of the articles about both of my questions. Digital Literacy is are the skills and necessities used by everyone to understand technology. Whether that is using a new program for in class instruction or trying a new medium when presenting your project. Digital Literacy is more relevant in todays time than ever before and technology is not going away. There are two sides to this digital Literacy struggle. There are students, teachers, and people who want to totally revamp everything and embrace the digital age and the other side is that why change what isn’t broken. If it has been working for years and parents learned that way why do we need to change it. Some people are tech savvy while others would rather learn the traditional way. Looking at this in a teacher’s perspective, I see that technology can totally be beneficial to my students but at the same time you need to know when to use it and when to use the traditional methods. Growing up I remember there was this transition stage in my educational lifetime because growing up we used traditional teaching methods and as we got older our schools were being redone and we were using computers more and lessons were being taught online. For example my teacher used twitter to post the hw every night. With all these digital advances we may think we are forgetting about our reading and writing for our kids. But really we would not be able to any these things without being literate in reading and writing. There needs to be a balance and I feel we haven’t reached that yet.

For the other question I asked myself how does one become a victim. You may be thinking why would anyone want to become a victim but many of us are that situation on how we got to where we are and why we feel that way. The article above, from what I took from it is that it all comes down to ourselves on how we make ourselves feel. Vulnerability is why we feel like victims. If we allow ourselves to become vulnerable or feel  vulnerable then we allow ourselves to become victims. Know matter how strong someone may make themselves feel or how motivated someone may be, there will always be someone who will trying to take you down to make you feel that way.


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