Englsih 123 Brandt Sponsors of Literacy 2

Englsih 123 Brandt Sponsors of Literacy 2


Brandt sees printmaking as  a source of literacy sponsorship for many reasons. Back then with the small print shops the owners would solicit the information, edit it, and publish it all on their own. The reading and writing skills of print apprentices were not because of the literacy sponsors such as teachers and their older and wiser relatives. These gains and skills were brought up because it was economically valuable. To be able to read and write meant you had a job back then. These small print shops needed intelligent educated people to work for them so they know they could do the job properly. Now with all these gains in literacy, education, and the economy the Penny Press is now invented. All the strides we made in good paying jobs, literacy, and education went down the hill because jobs were being outsourced because the penny press needed a serious amount of capital. The penny press made everything more profitable and literacy sponsorship and potential dropped severely.

Teachers and priests are two examples of literacy sponsors and literacy sponsorship. For example teachers educate the young minds of tomorrow. They practice basic reading and writing skills at a young age. As they get older they begin to learn new skills and work in new content areas such as history, math, and science where these basic reading and writing skills are needed. They need these literacy skills to work and be productive citizens. With the invention of the penny press we were learning to fix a machine instead of earning to read. Teachers help us become who are meant to be and help us reach our potential. The same thing can be said for Priests. They teach us the way of god through the bible and they model how we are suppose  to live our lives. They try to recruit more followers into their church and teach us their ways.

They say literacy is like land, a commodity. it can be seen as a way to the top. Back then you were valued at how much land you owned as an individual. The more land means the more crops you can grow and the more money you can make. The same can be said for literacy. The more literate you are, the better you are going to be off in life. Now Brandt is saying that even though literacy is extremely valuable in todays society, why do so many people continue to struggle with it. I believe it all comes to education. Education is where we begin to learn how to construct grammatically correct sentences and begin to write our first sentences and short stories. So many kids struggle and flourish in our Public school system. we ask ourselves why. Is it the teachers or kids or even their home life. I believe its a combination of three.  Kids need support and they need to love school no matter how difficult that may be but eventually they fall behind and its a struggle to catch up. In Biddeford they register for title 1 and I see third graders reading at first grade level which is very sad to see.

I believe Gee would use Mushfaking as a degree to how affluent people and poor people. He would say we are all capable of achieving literacy but some people may already be in the discourse of literacy while some have to mush fake their way into it. don’t agree with Gee because its very difficult for illiterate people to do anything beyond a young minds capacity. We need to help the poor out and we already do to a capacity but we need to do more so kids stop slipping through the cracks and floating though the education system and by the time they graduate high school they are not able to read or write properly.

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