English 123 Brandt Sponsors of Literacy

English 123 Brandt Sponsors of Literacy

My first annotation is about where Brandt talks about sponsors and who they may appear as in our lives and what they mean to us also. Sponsors can appear to us in many forms from teachers to priests to even older relatives. Sponsors are usually wise people who share their knowledge and wealth to those who need it. This annotation is reminding me what the topic of the text is and its an introduction to explaining what sponsors do and what sponsorship is.

The second annotation is where I underlined the quote that talks about literacy being the great engine to profits.  They say that having strong literacy skills such as reading and writing. I annotated this because as an elementary education I believe in power of education and how moving it can be for some students. School provides a safe space where students can grow and be themselves. Recently I became a substitute teacher for the Biddeford Schools District. Last week I was called in twice to sub for the whole day. On Wednesday I was the computer teacher and I administered their Star tests and on Friday I subbed for their Title 1 Literacy Specialist. I created modified lesson plans for the lowest scoring readers in each grade from first to third. I read to them and they read to me and for the last 5 minutes of the class I played sight word bingo with them as a reward for reading well and listening and answering my questions. When the reader says literacy is the engine to profits its definitely true. If parents at home just read with their child a little bit a night there would be no need for Literacy Specialists because all kids will be thriving in the classroom on their own.

The last annotation, reminds me of what’s going on today in our world. It talks about how we had all these small individually owned print shops where they solicited the information and then they edited and published it themselves. Bu then when the Steam Press was invented it started to shut down all those individual print shops and required the work to be outsourced for cheaper labor. This reminds me of what’s going on in our world today and the way our new president is handling jobs and trying to keep jobs in America. With all the news of motor companies investing in the auto plants in America to punishing companies with hefty fines because they are laying off employees and outsourcing jobs that could be paid here.


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