Learning Outcomes 4-6

Learning Outcomes 4-6

Demonstrate growth and ability to critique others work by emphasizing early global revision and local revision later- I believe I have excelled in this category. Along with English 122 after we write our rough drafts we share them with our writing groups which involves Jill and MaryKate. After we share them we have peer editing homework. I would make two comments per page and then write a paragraph explaining how I feel about the essay focusing on your strong points and areas where it can be improved. I thought the more I edited the more comfortable I got with my writing group and we can start saying more critical things to each other. It made us a stronger group and by saying more meaningful and helpful things to us which helped improved our writing. instead of just saying I like this sentence we progressed to saying things such as

  •  this sentence needs to be restructured
  • This should be cut out its irrelevant

Reasonably document their work using appropriate conventions-  I learned MLA format back in the fifth grade so I am very familiar with the format even though I make mistakes sometimes whether that’s in citations or other formatting errors. Also with the peer editing my group shows me the errors that I have made and I can show them the mistakes that they have made as well. t.his is nice because even though most of us understand the MLA format sometimes we need a little help and we forget.

  • citations
  • brackets
  • ellipses

Control individualized patterns of sequence- My grammar, punctuation, and spelling for most part has the stayed the same level throughout my time in English 122. Instead of saying that I have improved on my skills in this learning outcome I would say that I am more aware of this learning out come now. I am more aware of it because I have time to revise now, I have jack at SASC to review my essay, and lastly I have my writing group peers to edit my grammar and everything else.

  • SASC
  • Peer editing
  1. Take each of the learning outcomes and consider the relevant work you have done this term that shows your capabilities and development on them.
  2. Make one blog post that explains what you believe your work shows you have achieved on these learning outcomes.
  3. Your explanation of each learning outcome should be followed by a bulleted list of the evidence sources.


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