Learning Outcomes 1-3

Learning Outcomes 1-3

Writing as a Recursive Process- I have been able to write since Kindergarten and I have progressed  from there. Working with the first graders now watching them learn how to spell and work with their high frequency words and sight words reminds me of the start of our writing capabilities. Then when you get into third grade they start asking for paragraphs and small essays and they continue to get bigger as you move up in the grades. High school senior year, I remember writing an essay a week. And because we were writing so frequently we never had enough time in a week to prep, plan, write, and revise our essays. Everything felt rushed and our work could have been much better if we have more time to do it. Coming into college I was stunned by how much free time you have because you don’t have classes every day and you have lots of time in between your English to go to SASC to write and revise and in class we have peer editing so you get the perspective from not only your teacher but from the other kids around you in your class who are the same level as you are. I have never revised an essay before and now that I am in college I am revising all the time to make my essays stronger because I have the time to now.

-Go to sasc

-peer edit


Integrate  Ideas with Those of Others – I have always cited and used quotes and referenced other articles into my essays but now that I am in college the only new thing that I learn and tried to integrate into my papers was the use of ellipses and brackets. They are still very new to me and i don’t use them as much but it is a new technique that i can use in my papers.

– brackets


-references and citations

Active Reading- My active reading skills have maintained the same throughout this course. my senior year English was very tough and demanding and active reading was one of her main points that she focused on. if our papers did not have annotations then she said how do I know if you read it or not. It forced the class to read because then we had to understand it and then explain the text

  • engaged in class
  • listening
  • rereading
  • annotate throughout as im reading


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