Researching, relfecting and sketching

Researching, relfecting and sketching

After doing my extensive and thorough search on myself on the internet I have found only two things about me that are uncurated. The first thing that I found was a presentation that I did in the seventh grade with a classmate named Courtney. It was a Prezi about endangered species that involves Koala bears. After seeing the Prezi it brought me back to my days in middle school which made me compare them to college now and you think about all the stress you put on a small PowerPoint that means nothing today but meant everything to you when you we were younger. It just shows a side of humans   and how put all our effort in to things that don’t matter. For instance this essay right now is the most important thing I am doing this night but in four years when I am a teacher I am going to be worrying about grading tests on time and trying to make sure kids understand simple math and social studies. The second thing that I found on the internet was when I was in high school I tried out for volleyball freshmen year hoping to make the team and my name was the last one on the list of kids who made the cut and I’ve never been more proud of myself and who would have though I would become captain and making Varsity Sophomore year. I also amassed over 500 kills in three years and became the 24th ranked player in New Jersey. I mean who wants to be number 24 but to me it was a huge accomplishment because I was the only person from my county and we were only the third seed. So my volleyball stats are online along with some pictures of me in the paper and a few articles about me as well which I have kept them all.

If I can control what I wanted people to see of me online, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I don’t have any personal information about me online, no embarrassing pictures or anything negative online about me. I would keep everything the same that is available right now. It feels good knowing these articles are online and they are about me. They are showcasing me and my achievements. I was pretty good at volleyball and everyone says their good at a sport or they play a sport but I actually have stats and interviews because I had the news cover me on some games and I made first team all county and had an honorable mention for the Big North Conference. But if you look at me would never think this kid is a pretty athletic person. People will never think higher of you if you don’t give them a reason not to. Also these articles about me made me push to become a better player overall because the better I play, the more I win, and the more points I get each game means I get more articles about me and people start seeing me as a threat and we make Passaic Valley known for Volleyball again like in 2009 when we won Counties for the first time and we have only gotten third for each of my four years there falling to long time rivals Valley and Lakeland. Even though those were my best games, kill wise, we still could not win against them for some reason even though we were better.

My sketches for my curated website is pretty simple to understand. First I would never have a website about myself unless its the eportfolio which is required for class. Otherwise if someone wants to know stuff about me or get to know me, then they can talk to me face to face and we can hang out and most likely become friends. I don’t use any social media besides snap chat because I don’t understand why people need to post every small detail about their life and where they are and what they are doing right now with you know who. It seems desperate and attention seeking. Why cant we all just live in the moment with our lives and be who we are. If you want to know what people are up to, then you should not be scrolling through their wall, you should go to their house and see what they did for the weekend and if they live far away we have FaceTime now, we can see each other just by sitting on our couches. we have shrunk our world so much with technology its amazing to think how people communicated before this. My mom sometimes still buys phone cards to talk to her relatives in Germany because she would rather talk to them over the phone because that’s how they grew up. And my brother and I are able to use our PlayStation to talk to our cousins who are both military kids and they travel the world every couple of years because their Dad gets stationed to a new base. They lived in Belgium, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, Texas, and now he has retired after 25 years in Hawaii because when you retire in the military they send you back tot he base you entered in. I mean we cant change time zones but when they lived in Kansas we were only an hour ahead all playing Zombies together and it felt awesome because we never got to see them. they are the only cousins in my life that don’t live an hour or less away from me. The majority of family lives within a few minutes and its been awesome growing up with them always having tons of family dinners and vacations. Back to the lesson, I don’t need a website of things that I picked out or curated because if you want to know me, you got to know the good and the bad.


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