Reading as a Writer

Reading as a Writer

Revisit your claims/ideas from your draft AND your unthinkable thought response. As you re-read the section of Gee, what aspects of his text reinforce some of those ideas? What aspects pose a challenge to or invite you to complicate some of those initial ideas?

  • Filtering, for Gee, is “a key device in the creation of a group of elites who appear to demonstrate quick and effortless mastery of dominant secondary Discourses” (15). Does this help you consider the problems associated with getting into Discourses if one lacks the “filtering” mechanism?
  • In what ways might Gee’s ending quotation from The Importance of Being Earnest tell you something about Gee’s sense that one cannot be in a Discourse unless one is fully in it?
  • Does Gee’s call for “‘mushfaking,’ resisting students, full of metaknowledge” (13) offer you a way to think about some of your own ideas about getting into a Discourse?

filtering: process whereby aspects of the language, attitudes, values and other elements of certain types of secondary Discourses are filtered into primary Discourses

According to Gee yes, if you do not have or acquire the skill of filtering then you will have difficulty when trying to enter a Discourse. my personal view on this is that I completely disagree with whatever Gee has to say. He oppresses people by saying what you need to get into a Discourse and how to stay in one. If you are not in a certain Discourse now than you will never be in one truly unless you are fluent in it by being socially aware and involved. And now that he is saying we need the skill of filtering which is when you take the best of the secondary Discourses and meld them with your Primary Discourses. I have the same views as Cuddy where you can become anything you want to as long as you put the effort to become it.

For Gee to say that one cannot be in a Discourse unless one is fully in it is very closed minded. We are not just one thing in life. We are a combination of things whether that means being  a student, worker, or an American. We are not just one big Discourse, we are comprised of several smaller Discourses that make us who we are today. They make our personalities and our values. Everyone is something but no one is everything no matter how socially involved and fluent they are in that Discourse.

I don’t we should be calling them Discourses because then that puts people in barriers and walls and we need to have a more open floor. We should be living our lives as who we are discovering ourselves a little more every day. we may never know who we are and they may be a good thing. We need to stop classifying people and just accept and if they want to enter a new Discourse then no one should tell them not too especially Gee.




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