Gee Peer Review

Gee Peer Review

Annotations- My first annotation involves Gee talking about home experiences. as an education major, no matter what kind of student you are, your at home experience plays  role in your education and how it effects you as  a student and as an individual. As students we need a supportive home life to succeed in the world. And there are exceptions to the rule because some of us have home life’s you will only see on TV or the movies where its unimaginable and we make it eventually. My second annotation involves “storybook reading”. This was very interesting to me because with my first and even fourth graders we are mastering our reading skills every day with each other whether that’s going over our word list or trying to read a book above our reading level.   The last annotation involves 5 year olds which is something that I can relate to because that’s one of the age groups that I am working with now and we were all once 5 years old.

The three links above are available to you as my evidence for the three areas I need to come back to, to fix and make better. All the links, are from Mary Kate’s suggestions and peer review. The first link is about me just adding more detail about my writings in Gee and Cuddy. Also I need to add a main idea that runs throughout the entire essay. The second link involves, me adding more detail about my point of view on this essay instead of just focusing on Gee and Cuddy. When reading this second essay, readers want to see a personal point of view instead of just seeing two summaries of articles. The third link talks about explaining my Cuddy point of view. it is a very short section and was probably rushed due to time constraint but as I go back for editing I need to switch where it is in my essay and add more detail because that is my main idea.

personally I don’t agree with Gee so in the end I don’t really want to take any advice from him even if may help me in the end. For someone to tell someone else that they cant change as a person or work hard enough to become something else I wouldn’t want to associate myself with that person at all.







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