Affirmative Action Discourses

Affirmative Action Discourses

Gee explains that one must be fully literate (fluent) to be in a Discourse and that one cannot get into a Discourse unless one has already been let in. As he puts it, “There is, thus, no workable ‘affirmative action’ for Discourses” (10). If this is true, how can one acquire a new Discourse?

The definition of affirmative action is, “an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education; positive discrimination.” In my own words, affirmative action, are measures put in to prevent discrimination of a racial group or other types of people. Equal employment opportunity, fair trade, and equal pay act, are just some of the policies put in to prevent others from being at a disadvantage in life. Gee says in the quote above, that there are no “working” affirmative actions for Discourses. The question is that, if this is true how can others, even myself adopt a Discourse if there are no affirmative action measure taken to prevent this from happening. My answer to that is that we cant do anything. If were solely basing this hypothesis on Gee’s theory, then he says that these are the Discourses and you are either in the it or not and nothing can be changed. I believe that we cant do anything then, we need to accept what we are and stop fighting what we aren’t. We are what we are for a reason, and we shouldn’t try to change that. If we were meant to be something else we would have been that the entire time.



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