Gee vs. Cuddy

Gee vs. Cuddy


Troy Gondola

Professor Cripps

English 122 D

28 October 2016

Gee vs. Cuddy

Fake it till you make it

Fake it till you become it

Primary Discourse

Secondary Discourse

Power Pose

Both Gee and Cuddy argue about our lives and the ways that we live them every day. Gee talks about Primary Discourses. Primary Discourses are the ones that you are born with. :Primary Discourses, no matter whose they are, can never really be liberating literacies,” (Gee 10). For the literacy or the language to really be liberating, it must require two elements inside of it. Those two elements consist of a meta-language and the Discourse it was going to critique. Gee puts you inside this box of saying what you are and what you will become. He limits you in a way saying these are our Discourses and we can not grow at all because that is who we are. In contrast Cuddy has a much more positive feel and look on this topic. Cuddy Believes you can, “…fake it till you make it,” (Cuddy 5). Cuddy believes you have the ability to make people believe that you can pretend you are a smart person, or you have the ability to fit in but in actuality you are just faking it to eventually becoming it. Because after enough time people will accept you and you are now one of them.

Cuddy talks about power poses. She says that we stand tall and erect for a time of only two minutes you can improve your posture, attitude, and self well being. You can enhance your whole mood and your whole life. It raises the amount of Testosterone in your body which then helps become more aggressive instead of so shy. You become more confident and more assertive. You can fake it til you make it and eventually by becoming it and living your life without and walls or borders keeping you trapped in toa certain “Discourse”.

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