Connecting Gee and Cuddy

Connecting Gee and Cuddy

The first theorem that is brought up by Gee is talks about how Discourses with a capital “D” are not like languages. Gee says that you can speak English but not fluently. Language and communication is a skill that can be learned but not born with. As humans we need social interactions to experience events in our life. we need to master these things even though we are incapable of it. The second theorem is all about primary discourses. These primary discourses, no matter what they are or where they come from, they can never be liberating literacies in the sense that they are initial and only contain themselves. These two theorems are controversial because in English you shouldn’t have theorems, because There is always another point of view in English compared to math where there are a set number of solutions.

Resistance- the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument:

Meta Language- a form of language or set of terms used for the description or analysis of another language

Mushfake- non-initiates get access

Some advice that Gee can take from Cuddy include faking it till you make it, be it, also standing tall and being and feeling happy. All these things that cuddy researches about can be used by Gee because he is so closed minded he needs to open up otherwise he will never progress as a person and see the world in a new light



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