Reflections on a Writer at Work

Reflections on a Writer at Work

Troy Gondola


English 122 D

25 October 2016

Creative Spaces

After a week’s worth of school, I have homework piled on top of me and I need to find a place to do all this work. At home I would I sit comfortably on my couch while I catch up on all my favorite TV shows. I would have dinner and take break and eventually finish the homework the following morning in my study before my classes. Now that I am in college I don’t get to follow my routine or have my Mom’s cooking anymore. I don’t get to sit on my big couch all to myself because I now live in a dorm with 30 other people on my floor and everyone sits on those couches. Everyone says go to the library where it’s quiet or go to the pavilion or beach where you can take it all in. I had a desk at home and I have one in my dorm but I use both of them for storage. When thinking about this assignment, we were told we had to try out different times, habits, and most importantly different places to do our work. My biggest concern which I accomplished was doing homework earlier than saving it for the last minute. I started doing my homework whenever I had free time and doing right after class instead of after dinner gives you more time to do other things with your friends, instead of staying up till two in the morning every other day. Also I try to make goals for myself when doing homework. I try to set a certain amount of work to be done by a certain hour and then I will go to the lounge with everybody on the floor or make some snacks or watch a movie. The most difficult thing I had with this assignment was changing my work space. I need to be comfortable when working and being 5 hours away from home, my bed is all I have to myself here at UNE. Looking ahead toward the future I may change my workspace and broaden my horizon but for now I am content with me working in my bed listening to music and talking to my roommate.

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