Gee Vs. Cuddy Comparison

Gee Vs. Cuddy Comparison

  1. After reading both Gee and Cuddy, there are so many similarities between the two and also man differences. Gee talks about “Discourses” with a capital “D”. Discourses are “instructions” to help ourselves talk, write, and behave. A Discourse for teacher is different from being a cashier at a fast food restaurant. We learn what to do when we are put in these different type of situations. Gee says we can not learn Discourses. We need to be put in social settings of these backgrounds to experience it and enculturate ourselves. Cuddy says something a little different here. She says fake it till you make it and fake it till you become it. Essentially saying we can practice our Discourses until we actually become them which is very interesting to say that we can become anything we want to be until we actually become it.
  2. “This initial Discourse, which I call our primary Discourse, is the one we first use to make sense the world and interact with others.” (Gee 7). It is our home base where we feel safe and secure.  A secondary Discourse is anything outside the primary Discourse. That can be where you are from to what kind of occupation do you have. The importance between dominant and non-dominant Discourses is that Dominant discourses bring you wealth, status, and everything else that comes positive in your life. Non- dominant Discourse bring everything else in your life from the beginning when you were a small child. These primary Discourses are your first experiences at life and we see how they can affect someone.
  3. Nonverbal communication is discussed with Cuddy in paragraph 4. She talks about how a handshake can last for weeks on the news. Recently during the debate last night and the previous one, both Hillary and Donald did not shake hands. and this news has been buzzing all around the national news. Body language can both help us and hurt us depending on how we use it. And especially in the business world, it can make or break a deal. Depending on how your sitting and how you shake someone’s hands, Cuddy says people judge you based on those actions and some people may or may not want to do business with you anymore.
  4. In the Gee annotations, my work consists of highlighting and annotating the information on primary and secondary Discourses. Also the wo cases of women on Welfare and to see the different type of communicating between people and how they act in certain situations. In Cuddy I focused a lot on the body language and the “Fake it” comments because it really des go against what Gee is trying to portray here for us.


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