Gee Literacy Discourse

Gee Literacy Discourse

Gee talks about “Discourse” with a capital D. These combinations to Gee himself are connected stretches of languages that have some clarification to them.  He describes these Discourse as  an “identity kit”. These “identity kits” come with instructions or as Gee puts it a costume with a manual on how to eat, talk, and act. Some examples of Discourses are occupations, ethnicities, and even you socioeconomic class.


“Discourses are not body of knowledge, you cant teach them to be a linguists” You can not teach somebody to be a vet or a historian. You can only train them and teach them the proper skills and give them the tools to be whatever they want to be. But no matter how much work you put in, you still need that “reason” to become one otherwise you will not succeed.


In the author’s mock interviews, she calls it a success case. Gee disagrees with that statement because he believes she failed. She failed for multiple reasons and the reasons range from explaining that this is speech not writing, she is expressing the wrong values. In her eyes, being left in charge is another form of supervision. She sees it as supervising other people’s knowledge and their expertise instead of looking at this situation in a positive view.



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