upside down drawing

upside down drawing

Experience of Drawing

Coming into this assignment I was dreading it because I hate drawing of any sort even if it’s for fun because growing up and still today I am not an artistic person at all. Going back to the book I am much more left sided than the right. The most difficult part to draw out of this whole sketch was drawing the hands. In the reading it said we have a difficult time drawing because we label these items instead of just going with the motion and moving the pencil and creating art. As you can see in my sketch I didn’t even draw the hands because i was unable to. Also his body is just one big rectangle. My favorite part about this sketch is the face even though it’s not the best. When doing this sketch the assignment asks you to think about what was going through your mind, and honestly nothing was really. All I was thinking about, was getting through the assignment because I was not understanding the purpose of it especially for a person like me who is not creative at all.


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