Comparison Post

Comparison Post

“I groaned inside. I was out of Dave’s Rag, almost shut of The Drum, and here was the Lisbon Weekly Enterprise.” (King 1).

I chose this quote from Stephen King because it talks about and describes the persistence, commitment, and especially the start of his dedication to writing. he went from paper to paper until he found his niche and grew with that. It shows us not give up and keep trying until we succeed and find our happiness.

“Hardly a week after being sprung from detention hall, I was once more invited to step down to the principals office. I went with a sinking heart, wondering what new shit I’d stepped in.” (King 1)

This quote describes our character as a troublemaker. Since this is the first sentence in the piece of literature, its purpose is to capture our interest by making us ask questions such as why he is in trouble or what did they do now and is this a reoccurring experience.  Stephen King wants you to turn the next page and keep you in his story and experience.

“I learned to read with a Superman comic book,” (Alexie 1)

This quote really spoke to me because you can take it one of two ways. The first way is the literal way in which this character really did learn how to read with a Superman comic book. Or the other way you can take it is in which he learned the world through the superman comic book. the superman book was just a stepping stone for him to get a reach into the real world

“I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant, I was lucky” (Alexie 1).

These four stages in life show everything about what kind of  person he is.  He was smart, maybe not in an intellectual way or street but a comprehensive way. Arrogance can sometimes be a blessing and  a curse. And eventually you’ll hit you lucky strike and everything turns out the way it was mean to be. And eventually refusing to fail gets you to all these places.


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